Why I Broke up with Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz and Life Academy (Sad face)

My Story, My Experience

** I will do a review of The Shining Biz and Life Academy and Leonie Dawson’s Goal Setting workbooks in another post.

I discovered Leonie and her Goal Setting books several years ago through a friend. At that time the books were only in PDF form and 9.99$! This was way back in the beginning! I fell in love right away.

I loved the colors and creativity of the workbook as well as the spirt of Leonie. I loved listening to her, reading her emails and enjoyed how genuine and open she was to the world. Although the Goal Setting books took an incredible amount of ink, I bought them yearly and worked through them.

As time passed things changed, as they always do. Leonie had children and it seemed from what she shared, she was being attacked online by trolls. I ached for her as I know how it can hurt when you are an open hearted person.

Things may have changed fast or slowly, I am not sure as it didn’t really hit me full force until this year. There was the email stating that if you didn’t like how she would cuss, (a lot), then tough. She was going to be the real her and swearing came with the package.

Then there was the blocking of people who she said were trolls or didn’t like the way she did things. I understood this as it is her business and she can run it however she likes. But it scared me. I didn’t feel comfortable anymore in the online workbook FB groups or in the Academy FB group. I felt there were filled with flowers, fairies and disagreement was not allowed. (MY FEELINGS of being in the groups)

Then about 1 and half years ago Leonie offered for free her Business Goddess Course. I took it and found it very helpful for a person starting their own business. I tucked away the thought that I would eventually join the Academy and try it out. That time came last Fall when the prices were going to be raised from 497$ a year to 997$ a year.

I decided to give it a go. I loved Leonie and had learned so much from her Business Goddess Course so I would try it. (As I said before I will review the Academy in another post).

The one thing I admired about Leonie was her creativity and the fact she used her passion in Art to create a business. I also loved listening to her and her heart. Once I joined the Academy I realized that things had changed. There was lots of swearing, to the point that I had to make sure my kids were not in the room if I listened to a recording. And, sadly, I felt that Leonie had an edge to her. Maybe it was the trolls or being in the public eye, but there was a hardness that wasn’t there before.

I was sad. We all change, and we all choose how we want to show up in the world and I respect that. It was just very sad to me.

Finally, the last straw or final push for the break up was when Leonie joined an MLM.  I was scared that the Academy and newsletters would be about the MLM and enrolling etc. At first it wasn’t. Then there was the How to Run and MLM Business course in the Academy. I listened to it and when asked on the Group FB page, I gave my opinion of it. (Respectfully, I might add)

BIG MISTAKE. There was some nice discussion with other members about MLM’s. Then Leonie took offense at my review. I decided not to pursue, defend or discuss as I knew the end was in sight. So, I deleted my comments, left the group and as of September will let my Academy Membership lapse.

Then the Newsletters with invitations to watch the MLM webinars, links to buy etc. Honestly, I get these so often from other friends who sell products from MLM’s I want to scream! I felt my space invaded. I felt betrayed. (MY FEELINGS!). I had joined the Academy and followed Leonie because of her creativity and Open heart. I now felt like I had been played. It had not been made clear that MLM’s was now part of the deal. The whole atmosphere of the academy had shifted.

It was time to go. Time to break up. So I did. And it wasn’t that hard at all I discovered. I had already been filling my world with Goddess groups and creativity circles so I had what I needed.

I wish Leonie all the best in the world and much success. This was just no longer a space for me, and that’s ok.

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