Seasonal Allergies and Smelling Essential Oils

I have struggled for years with seasonal allergies. Until February of 2013 I was on medication for them for 9 months out of the year. In 2013 I was introduced to essential oils. It was through someone selling them and having always loved essential oils I jumped on board.

When I asked about my seasonal allergies I was told to do the following by the person who sold me the oils. Take 2 drops each of lavender, lemon, peppermint and melaleuca in water and drink it. Not knowing much about essential oils I did it. Every day for a week. And…no allergies for over two years. (Please do NOT do this! Read the rest of the story!)

At this time I also enrolled in Bastyr Natural Health College’s Aromatherapy Certificate Program. I spent the next two years studying chemistry, biology, the olfactory system and more. The more I learned the more I realized how dangerous it is to take essential oils internally especially in water! (Water and oil do NOT mix!)

Last year my allergies came back.

I was in luck because an essential oil company had made gel capsules with lavender, lemon and peppermint for just this issue. I took some…..nothing. I tried for 2 months taking them and they did not work. I did NOT understand!

So, this past year I reached out to my professor at Bastyr and asked him how it was that it worked in water but not in a gel capsule! He told me that maybe it was the smell of the oils that helped my allergies not taking them internally. When I had the oils in the water they floated on top and when I would take a drink I would inhale all the chemical constituents. Knowing how the olfactory system works this made total sense!

A New Plan with Smelling Essential Oils

So, I started an experiment. I mixed equal parts of lemon, lavender, peppermint and melaleuca into a 5ml glass bottle. Blended it and then took the cotton interior of an inhaler and soaked up the oil. I then put it into an inhaler. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. AND IT WORKS! My daughter has one at school she swears by. I have one in the car, purse, on my desk and on my night stand. I use it a couple times a day.

One day I was outside for 2 hours without an inhaler. My allergies went wild. When I got home I began smelling the oils and slowly over about 15 minutes it went away. I was so excited!

Aromatherapy Works!

I have given inhalers to some friends of mine and asked them to report back to me on how they worked. I will update this blog post with the results. EXCITING!

So, I diffuse the four oils as well in the office when I am working. Long story short, the olfactory system is incredible in aiding the brain and body to heal!

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