Peace and Comfort…..PLEASE

During this time I am often wondering how to remain calm and peaceful and how to offer comfort to others. It seems like we are daily, almost hourly, being bombarded with stress and anxiety.

I personally, cling to my daily self-care rituals and have even added some to help support my mental, emotional and central nervous system. Here is what I do daily.

Quiet time – First thing in the morning I have my quiet time. I read a devotional, my Bible and journal. I also do Morning Pages. (If you have never heard of morning pages I highly recommend it, they have changed my life. Here is a link

Yoga/Melting – I have a friend who is a yoga teacher. She comes to my house weekly and teaches yoga to some friends and myself. Stretching and breathing can help release all those negative thoughts and emotions. Melting is something I do daily on my own at home. It has been a game changer. Check it out here.

Walking – There is nothing like a walk, especially in nature, to help clear the mind and relieve stress.

Laughing/Keeping it Light – I am picky about what I watch and read right now. I watch light and funny shows, (I am a House of Cards fan but have yet to watch this latest season.) And am reading more than ever before.  I am also hanging out more with friends and entertaining more.

Create/Art – Art and creativity are HUGE for keeping the Central Nervous System calm. It helps with anxiety and stress as well. I have started an “Art Journal.” It isn’t anything dramatic, just painting, drawing, collages etc. You don’t have to be an artist to do it, believe me!! Link for more information.

Keeping Abreast of the REAL NEWS! – This is key. There is so much sensationalism out there and it’s hard to know what is real and what is fake. I usually only follow News sources that have journalistic integrity with Editorial oversite. I also follow Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. She does a daily Facebook live called, “Resistance Live.” She is a former Washington Civil Rights Lawyer and in 10 – 20 minutes a day will break down what is true and what is false in the News. Watching her has given me hope and relieves my anxiety daily. You can find her on You Tube here:

Prayer and Meditation – This is something I do multiple times a day. I pray and spend time quietly meditating on what I want our world to be for my kids. I pray for guidance and hope. It is key in helping to keep calm, peaceful and receiving comfort. Link:

Nutrition/Food – Eating healthy is key in helping your body handle stress and anxiety. I have been very mindful about my eating and have eliminated grains from my diet. I am eating more greens and veggies and upping my water intake a healthy diet can help support a healthy body!

Essential Oils – Last but NOT least is essential oils. Diffusing and smelling essential oils can make a HUGE difference in helping your body with anxiety and stress. When you inhale essential oils they go through your olfactory bulbs to your amygdala. This is also the place that is called, “The Seat of Your Emotions.” It is also the only place in your body that is open to your central nervous system. Your sense of smell is POWERFUL in helping your brain heal and soothe your body. So what essential oils do you diffuse? Lavender, Chamomile, Melissa, Geranium, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. These are some great oils to start with.

Try one or two of these ideas and hopefully you will find they help bring some peace and calm to your life.


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