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Services- Consultations

Bethany Williamson

Aromatherapy Consultations

I offer two types of aromatherapy consultations . Below you will find a brief summary of what each type of consultation offers, and the fee associated with the consultation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

All aromatherapy consultations are available via email, in-person, telephone, Zoom or skype.  You can indicate your preference when you check out. Please include preferred contact dates, times, and a brief description of your request. Please also include the time zone where you live.


Personal Aromatherapy Consultation

Do you need some aromatherapy advice about a specific aromatherapy blend for a personal problem? I am a Bastyr College trained Aroma Therapist with several years of experience. If I cannot assist you with an essential oil for your problem, I have many resources that I can refer to you.

A detailed aromatherapy consultation with specific advice for a personal aromatherapy blend is $100.

All personal aromatherapy consultations include:

*45 minute telephone, skype, Zoom or in-person consultation or the equivalent in email.
*Specific written advice with regard to your question/problem
* Directions on safe usage of essential oils
* Resources for further information (if applicable)
*1- 10ml roller bottle of the blend or 1/3 of an ounce massage blend (plus shipping) created to meet your specific needs. 

Once purchased I will contact you to schedule a mutually agreed time and date with regard to our consultation.

*Please Note:

Bethany Williamson and Square Pegs, Round World LLC does not provide diagnosis or treatment for diseases. Any opinions shared about health are opinions based on personal experience and personal study and does not take the place of a medical professional.


Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Information Consultation:

Are you just starting out with essential oils and have some questions about them? Do you have specific questions for which you are seeking Aromatherapy advice? Looking for an introduction to essential oils? In this Aromatherapy consultation you can pick my brain ask questions or have me give you a primer on beginning with essential oils. This is a 45 minute session  where you can pick my brain and ask essential oil related question that you have.

This Consultation is charged at 75$ for 45 minutes.







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