10 Good Massage Oils for Kids

Baby massage is something parents should do. Massage gives babies a feeling of comfort, limits skin problems, reduces colic and provides nutrients for the baby.

However, to achieve this effect, you need to choose the right massage oil. Through this article, Hello Bacsi will help you alleviate the worries of choosing a massage oil for your baby.

The secret to massage your baby

When you massage your baby, surely there will be many different methods in your mind. If you are wondering where to start, there are a few tips below:

  • Before you put oil on your baby’s skin, try applying a little bit to your baby’s hand to see if it suits his skin or not. If your baby has a red rash after applying it, stop using the oil immediately. However, most baby oils are hypoallergenic.
  • Gently apply oil to the baby’s abdomen and begin to massage.
  • Only massage when your baby is ready. Remember that your baby’s comfort is most important.
  • Check your baby’s sleep patterns, then decide when and how to massage it right.

Which massage oil should be used in the summer?

Coconut oil

  • Coconut oil is one of the best options for hot and humid climates.
  • It  is usually easily absorbed, helping to cool the body.
  • It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin and is an effective treatment for skin problems such as eczema, rash, dermatitis …
  • Using a small amount of coconut oil after showering will help moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Coconut oil contains antioxidants, lauric acid and caprylic, great nutrients for the skin.
  • Besides, it also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Besides coconut oil, you can also use sesame oil as a substitute in the summer.

Sesame oil

  • Sesame oil is popular in India. This is one of the oils that contain ingredients that are quite good for baby’s skin.
  • You should choose oils extracted from black sesame seeds.

Which massage oil should be used in winter?

Mustard oil

  • Mustard oil is a winter baby massage oil because it causes your baby’s skin to heat up.
  • Should not be applied directly to the skin, but in combination with other ingredients.
  • In Northern and Eastern India, mustard oil is commonly served with garlic and beetroot seeds. Garlic helps strengthen the immune system and beetroot seeds help the baby’s body relax.
  • Alternatively, you can also mix mustard oil with carom seeds. This combination will help soothe your baby’s colic.

If you don’t like using mustard oil because the smell is too pungent, you can use olive oil or almond oil instead.

Olive oil

  • Olive oil is a popular baby oil massage.
  • There are many different types of massage oils that use olive as the main ingredient.
  • If your baby does not have redness, eczema or other allergies, you can completely use olive oil for your baby.
  • If your baby has sensitive skin, you should avoid using olive oil as it makes the skin dry and smelly, causing skin problems.

Almond oil

  • Almond oil is also one of the most popular massage oils among young children. It contains vitamin E , good for baby’s skin. Also, use pure almond oil instead of fragrant oils.
  • In the winter, you can give your baby a massage oil with a combination of almond oil, olive oil and rose oil. This oil will help your baby relax, reduce anxiety and help him sleep better.

Which massage oil should be used for babies with sensitive skin?

If your baby has sensitive skin, is prone to eczema or is prone to dryness, you should not give him or her plant-based oils that contain high amounts of oleic acid such as olive oil or sunflower oil. high amount of oleic acid. Because these oils often make baby’s skin drier.

Vegetable oils high in linoleic acid are suitable for more sensitive skin. However, it is difficult to tell whether this massage oil contains oleic or linoleic acid. So, you should go to your doctor for advice on what oils are suitable for your baby. Some of the following oils are often high in linoleic acid, suitable for sensitive skin:

Sunflower oil

  • It is usually safe for the skin.
  • Sunflower oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids that help nourish the skin.
  • Avoid using this oil if your baby has extremely sensitive or rash prone skin.

Chamomile oil

This is a recommended oil for babies as it is good for sensitive skin.

This oil is very helpful in treating rashes and blisters that are common on the skin.

In addition, it also helps relieve stomach pain and is good for sleep.

Tea tree oil

Cajeput oil is often highly antiseptic, so it is used to treat skin allergies and help your baby feel comfortable.

Calendula chamomile oil

This is another oil you can use to massage your baby.

This oil is often used after bathing because it has a soothing effect on the skin.

It has a mild fragrance and does not affect the baby’s sense of smell much.

Castor oil

You should let your baby use before bathing.

Castor oil is commonly used for dry skin, hair, and nails.

When using, avoid applying to baby’s eyes and lips.

Massage is a time to strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Therefore, you should make the most of this time period. In addition to the health benefits , it also makes the bond between you and your baby more bonded.