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“Bethany introduced me to essential oils and I have been so impressed with her wealth of knowledge.  Her website and membership site is a huge resource to anyone interested in using essential oils, but unsure about how to get started the right way and to maximize their benefits.”   Julie Fry

CEO, Business Among Mom's

“I first found out about Bethany on a podcast.  I was so impressed that I signed up for her aromatherapy classes.  It has only been a month and I am totally blown away with all the info she presents.  All info is easy to understand and at your fingertips when YOUR ready to review.  Thanks so much Bethany.” Marion Giannantonio

Essential Oil Academy Member

About Bethany Williamson and Square Pegs, Round World Aromatherapy

Essential oils are all the rage right now. It seems like everyone is selling them and it’s hard to know which ones to buy, how to use them and whether you are using them safely and effectively.

Maybe you already own several essential oils and are wondering how to use them or you are just looking for some more education on essential oil uses. This is why I created the “Essential Oil Academy!”

I am a Bastyr Trained Aroma Therapist and a former educator. I have a passion for essential oils, holistic health and teaching. The past few years I have run into so many people who love essential oils but are unsure of how to use them and how to use them safely.

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the use of essential oils and it can be dangerous. So I have made it my mission to help YOU and others like you learn ways to use essential oils safely and effectively.  

Bethany Williamson

Bethany Williamson, MEd
Bastyr Trained Aroma Therapist

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I offer two types of consultations:

A Personal Aromatherapy Consultation: Do you need some advice about a specific aromatherapy blend for a specific issue? We will talk either by phone, skype or in person. I will send you notes on our discussion, an essential oil blend formulated for you along with directions on usage and recommended resources for further information.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Information Consultation: Are you just starting out with essential oils and have some questions about them? Do you have specific questions for which you are seeking Aromatherapy advice? Looking for an introduction to essential oils? In this Aromatherapy consultation you can pick my brain ask questions or have me give you a primer on beginning with essential oils. This is a 45 minute session  where you can pick my brain and ask essential oil related question that you have.

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“Bethany has a real great knack for putting together oils that can help with a variety of ailments. I love how she is always coming up with something new. Even though she is great for adults too, I especially like that she has a lot of expertise working with families and kids. She is a great resource and I would definitely trust her with many of my issues using essential oils! Patty Swiatly

Coaching for the Soul & Chakradance Facilitator, Chicago, IL


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