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What is The Essential Oil Academy?

The Essential Oil Academy is an online learning center where you can expand your knowledge and growth in Essential Oils.

Why would you want to be a part of The Essential Oil Academy?

Maybe you have a box of oils at home and wonder, “What now? How do I use these oils?” That is a great question and I am sure you have searched the internet for the answers and found EVERYONE has a different opinion on how to use them.

Plant Based Medicine

Essential Oils are powerful plant medicine and they need to be treated as such. They can make a huge difference in your physical, emotional and spiritual health and they can also harm you if used incorrectly.

There are so many people with big hearts who are spreading the good news of essential oils and selling them. You may be one of these people. Would you like to stand out from all the other people selling essential oils and be known as the Essential Oil Guru? Would you like to be able to teach your clients how to use essential oils safely and effectively?

What’s in the Essential Oil Academy?

In my Essential Oil Academy we have webinars, classes, handouts, live calls, a private Facebook group to ask questions and I am adding a business section to the Academy. Would you like to learn not only how to help your clients use essential oils safely and effectively, but also how to get leads? How to convert conversations into sales? How to develop a growth mindset to help you expand your business?

I am excited to be adding these classes, resources, webinars, interviews and MORE to my Essential Oil Academy. Interested?

Click here to try it out for only 9.97$ a month.

Who is Bethany Williamson?

I am sure you are asking why should I join your Essential Oil Academy. Who are you? Good questions!

My name is Bethany Williamson and I am a former educator and a Bastyr Trained Aromatherapist. I started with essential oils by joining a company to sell them while I attended college for my Aromatherapy certification. I have learned A LOT along the way and would love to share that with you.

I no longer sell essential oils for a company, my passion is education and encouragement.  I have been called the “Essential Oil Guru” my many people and have spoken and educated on the use of essential oils over a hundred times.

I also have access to other professionals that I can interview and share their insight and essential oil knowledge with you!

Interested? Click here to try it out for only 9.97$ month.

Hear from Current Members!

Still not sure? Here are some testimonials from current members.

“I first found out about Bethany on a podcast.  I was so impressed that I signed up for her aromatherapy classes.  It has only been a month and I am totally blown away with all the info she presents.  All info is easy to understand and at your fingertips when YOUR ready to review.  Thanks so much Bethany.”

Marion Giannantonio

“Bethany introduced me to essential oils and I have been so impressed with her wealth of knowledge.  Her website and membership site is a huge resource to anyone interested in using essential oils, but unsure about how to get started the right way and to maximize their benefits.”  

Julie Fry, Business Among Mom’s

Interested? Click here to try it out for only 9.97$ a month

Want to know more about me and my essential oil knowledge? Check out my podcast, “Making Scents of Essential Oils” here. 

Check out our Making Scents podcast on Apple's iTunes

 Or you can check out some of my free webinars here

Would you like more information on The Essential Oil Academy? Click HERE

Interested? Click here to try out the Essential Oil Academy TODAY!

Questions? Contact me at bethany@squarepegsroundworld.com

I am so excited to have you be part of The Essential Oil Academy and take your essential oil knowledge to the next level.



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